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OCTOBER 13, 2011
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM 


Since he was six years old, Jeff Daly kept asking that question. When his sister Molly was not yet three years old, she was taken from their “perfect home and sent to live in an institution, never to return. While his parents refused to talk about Molly, Jeff was left to wonder and mourn the sudden and mystifying loss of his only sister. Now 47 years later Jeff finally learns the truth about the family secret that kept him from his sister, in a reunion that will warm your heart and give you hope for the future of “less than perfect” people like Molly.


Jeff and Cindy Daly 

Jeff and Cindy Daly are nationally recognized advocates and the creators of the award winning documentary, Where's Molly. Jeff Daly, President of SFO Productions in San Francisco, CA, is the recipient of a Peabody award and Emmy award for his contributions with ESPN SPORTSCENTURY. Where's Molly is a documentary photographed and directed by Daly, based on his life story of finding his sister after a nearly 50-year separation. Cindy Daly, most recently the National Vice President for External Affairs for AT&T, joined her husband in creating the documentary Where's Molly. She has been active in legislation, creating the Find Family Registry and promoting "Molly’s Bill" across the country.


OCTOBER 13, 2011


Speaker: Jeff and Cindy Daly

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